Audio Narration

Bring your museum, exhibition or collection alive with audio narration.

Audio Narration undertaken for Cultural and Historical institutions and Audio Books.

Gary Weight Narration
Gary Weight Audio Narration

Sound Samples


Sample 01 - Excerpt from SOE Odette Sansom and Peter Churchill for CMSM

Sample 02 - Excerpt from SOE Peter Riggal Papers for CMSM

Sample 03 - Excerpt from SOE Wireless Sets for CMSM

Sample 04 - Excerpt from SOE William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes for CMSM

Sample 05 - Excerpt from SOE Training for CMSM

Sample 06 - Excerpt from The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich

Sample 07 - Excerpt from Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Sample 08 - Excerpt from Thoughts on "The Diary of a Nobody" by John Betjeman

Museums and Exhibitions

As a Battlefield Historian and Tour Guide my job is to bring that unassuming field, wood, road junction, building or artefact to life.

Pegasus Audio Narration can provide audio and podcasts for museums, temporary and permanent exhibitions, trails and online information services.

Drawing upon a wealth of experience I really enjoy helping to develop a deeper understanding of any given collection. I can work from copy provided or as I prefer, begin directly from scratch, researching subjects and artefacts to then writing copy, recording the audio and to finally delivering the finished product. To enhance any project, a pool of voice actors for different character roles are available, a huge sound FX library and partnership with musical composers.

I am currently working on a long term audio project for the Combined Military Services Museum (CMSM) in Maldon, Essex, UK.

Audio within Museums and Exhibitions

Since the turn of this century technology within museums has changed in both content and application. In most cases gone are the hard-wired telephone style handsets one would pick up and listen to after pressing a button. These somewhat out-dated systems were both expensive to install and maintain whilst being difficult to update on a regular basis.

Most of these systems are now being replaced with wifi based systems via handsets or tablets. The innovation of QR codes which link directly to your website allows an easy and cheap solution to keep your interactive audio system updated.

In the current climate, this system allows the individual to utilise their own personal equipment, therefore providing increased protection from covid related transmission.

Exterior audio for trails, parks and countryside.

Hiking, wildlife and cycling trails can be easily fed with QR codes to enhance the experience of the outdoor activity.

Audio Books

Audio Books are the fastest growing publishing format. I can provide narration for any audio book project, although my preference of course is for historical subject matter.

The Studio

All audio narration is carried out in my own purpose built professional standard recording studio with the benefits of ProTools HD Native recording software and Genelec monitoring.

All audio narration is mastered to broadcast quality and can be delivered in a variety of formats. I'm able to work on either one-off or long term projects so please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Adherence to copyright regulations are strictly complied with.