How To Book Your Tour


1. Complete the enquiry Form

Complete the Booking Enquiry Form to ensure we have all the information we need to create your perfect Battlefield Tour. We then aim to get in touch with you as soon as possible, but definitely within 48 hours, to fine tune your tour and go through the process in more detail.

Click here to complete your Booking Enquiry Form.

2. Pay your deposit

Because the majority of our tours are bespoke the full price will be quoted when we have finalised your requirements. Please see the price list table below for an idea of costings but note that this may change depending on your requirements.

Click here to pay your deposit.

3. Confirmation

Once we have completed your booking you will receive confirmation of the tour. Aside from working out finer details regarding pick-up you are all set.

Tour Prices

Please note that from 2021 we only provide a minimum of 3-day tours. As all tours are bespoke please contact us for a no-obligation quote for your tour.

1 – 4 People 5 – 7 People
3 Day Tour
4 Day Tour
5 Day Tour
6 Day Tour
7 Day Tour
8 Day Tour

Accommodation for your tour

We offer accommodation packages which includes the price of the tour and we will arrange your accommodation for you at Le Manoir du Quesnay near Bayeux, France. If, however, you would prefer to arrange your own accommodation we advise that you stay close to Bayeux or Caen.

See our Accommodation page for more information