American WW1 Tour

The American WW1 Tour is a 3-Day Tour that takes in the battlefields of eastern France where in 1918 the ‘dough-boys’ made their entrance into WW1. The tour visits the battlefields of the Meuse-Argonne and The Marne. The famous battles at Montfaucon and Romagne, the St Mihiel Salient, Chateau Thierry and the attritional ‘esprit de corps’ of the US Marines at Belleau Wood. We visit the solemn American Military Cemeteries and memorials, the everlasting testaments to these brave men. The tour also visits the battlefield of Verdun which was on the flank of the American sector later on in the war where fortifications, trench systems and craters still exist to this day. This is a truly fantastic tour in beautiful countryside. The photograph is of ex-US Secretary of State James A. Baker III, his son and myself at the Devil Dog Fountain near Belleau Wood where his father fought.

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