A Bridge Too Far – Market Garden 3 Day Tour

This tour begins by following the British XXX Corps route through ‘The Corridor’ known as Club Route. Joe’s Bridge was one of the first actions of what was to culminate in the Battle of Arnhem. We visit the key launch points and then push on to the Eindhoven area where US 101st Airborne paratroops landed.

On Day 2 we concentrate on the US 82nd Airborne battles in and around the area of Nijmegen and afterwards the Battle of the Island.

Day 3 is spent in and around Arnhem itself and we visit all the main sites. Here one is guided step-by-step through the battle so bravely fought by the British 1st Airborne Division.

These three days essentially create an excellent detailed overview of Operation Market Garden. Extra days can be added to include many other sites which are just too numerous to mention here. And as with any of our tours if you wish to follow a particular unit or family member this can also be done. The main sites are listed below but there are many other points of interest where particular skirmishes and action took place that are added throughout the tour.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – The Corridor – British XXX Corps, US 101st Airborne Division on Hell’s Highway & 82nd Airborne at Graves & Nijmegen

Lommel – German Cemetery

Lommel – Polish Cemetery

Joe’s Bridge – Beginning of The Corridor – Irish Guards British XXX Corps Armoured Thrust

Valkenswaard – CWGC Cemetery

Valkenswaard – Victory Bridge

(Across Eindhoven Bridge)

Son – US 101st action at Wilhelmina Canal Bridge

Son – US 101st Airborne Drop Zones and battle

Son – Preserved Foxholes and Medal of Honor action

Veghel – US 101st Airborne actions


Day 2 – The Corridor – British XXX Corps and 82nd Airborne at Graves & Nijmegen

Grave – US 82nd Airborne action at Bridge over River Maas – Bunker, Memorials.

Grave – US 82nd Airborne Drop Zone O and battle

Grosbeek – US 82nd Airborne Drop Zones N & T and battle

Grosbeek – General Browning HQ

Grosbeek – Canadian CWGC Cemetery

Battle of the Island


Day 3 – Arnhem – Drop Zones , Town and Bridge

Driel – Polish 1st Airborne Division Drop Zone K

Renkum – British 1st Airborne Division Drop Zone X

Ginkel Heath – British 1st Airborne Division Drop Zone Y

Wolfheze – Psychiatric Hospital Memorial

Oosterbeek – Hartenstein Museum and various sites on foot.

Arnhem – John Frost Bridge and various sites on foot (Also from the German perspective)

Oosterbeek – CWGC Cemetery



Niki & Steve Benton, Northern Ireland

“We had the most amazing tour with Gary and have talked about it ever since. He is engaging, good company and, above all, incredibly knowledgable, and my husband, daughters and I were gripped by every minute of his tour. Gary has many photographs of the soldiers involved so his detailed accounts of different aspects of the battle are given a very personal touch. We came away in awe of the courage and self-sacrifice of those involved, and a much better understanding of what it must have been like to have been in the midst of some of the most ferocious skirmishes and battles. He deals with the subject matter with so much passion and deep respect, and he has a personal knowledge of many of the veterans he talks about. We are already talking about going on another tour with Gary in the future. We cannot recommend Pegasus Battlefield Tours highly enough.”

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