Normandy British Highlights 2 Day Tour

Day 1 of this excellent tour begins within the Orne Bridgehead – operational area for the British 6th Airborne Division. Full details for Day 1 of this tour are on the British Airborne 1 Day Tour page on this website. To view click here!
Day 2 concentrates on the British beaches and full details for Day 2 of this tour are on the British Beaches 1 Day Tour page. To view click here!

This tour has been specifically designed to give a comprehensive overview of the British involvement on D-Day and the days that followed.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Part I
Pegasus Bridge
Horsa Bridge
Merville Battery
Café Gondrée (Lunch)

Part II
Drop Zone N
Drop Zone V
Glider #4
Varaville Bridges
Robehomme Bridge
Bures Bridges
Troarn Bridge
Sannerville & Drop Zone K
Le Mésnil Crossroads
Château St-Côme
Ranville CWGC Military Cemetery

Day 2

Part I – Sword Beach
SWORD BEACH – Queen White – 3rd Infantry Division Assault
Hermanville – 3rd Division HQ & Dressing Station
SWORD BEACH – Queen Red – Commando Assault
Hillman Battery – 8th Brigade (1 Suffolks)
Périers Ridge – German 21 Panzer Division counter-attack
JUNO BEACH – Mike Red – Canadian Assault

Part II – Gold Beach
GOLD BEACH – King Red – 69th Brigade Assault (5 East Yorks)
GOLD BEACH – King Green – 69th Brigade Assault (6 Green Howards)
GOLD BEACH – Le Hamel – 231st Brigade Assault
Arromanches Mulberry Harbour
The Longues Battery
Bayeux War Memorial & CWGC Military Cemetery


The Fieldings & Burrows

Dear Gary, I hope you could be in no doubt, from our reactions and questions, that you gave us a fantastic 2 days – far beyond expectations. As I said to you at the end, you brought the whole thing to life (ironically considering the death and destruction that was going on at the time) –  clear explanations and, importantly, through your support material – the individuals’ stories, photographs, schematics on the beach etc. We would all like to say thanks very much and, if I get the opportunity to come over again, I certainly will check on your availability. We planted the crosses you gave us in the Bayeux Cemetery – Gillian in the Canadian section of the Missing Memorial, Paul & Denise in separate Unknown graves and I at the main memorial cross. Thanks for that opportunity. Thanks again Gary and all best wishes from the Fieldings and Burrows. Tim, Essex UK

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