SOE & French Resistance in Central France

SOE and French Resistance Tour

The SOE and French Resistance Tour in Central France is a comprehensive look at the activities of the brave SOE agents and Resistance fighters during WWII from Lyon to Limoges. This is a five-day tour (not including travel to start and from end points) which takes in the following main sites:

Lyon – the hot-bed of French Resistance during WWII and under the strict command of the Gestapo led for the most part by the infamous Klaus Barbie

Vichy – The seat of the French Government under Marshal Pétain

The Auvergne – Maquis camps and sabotage

Oradour-sur-Glane – Site of the June 1944 massacre and now a national monument

We visit many sites on this tour and hear of bravery, treachery, war crimes and love…it really is roller-coaster of emotion.

As with my other tours I’m afraid I no longer put detailed itineraries on the internet because other companies and guides have been stealing them so please contact me for further details.

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