SOE & French Resistance in Eastern France

SOE and French Resistance Tour

This French Resistance in Eastern France is a 5-day tour exploring SOE, French Resistance and German Abwehr activities in the east of France and Lyon area. It is possible to link this tour with our other SOE and Resistance tours around the Lyon area. This tour concentrates begins at Struthof-Natzweiler which was the only concentration camp in France during WWII and where many men and women from both the SOE and Resistance were interred after their capture. We visit clandestine drop zones, maquis camps, villages and sites of sabotage. In Lyon we visit many sites including the Gestapo Headquarters, Montluc Prison and trace the footsteps of Jean Moulin. We also visit the orphanage which the infamous Klaus Barbie for which indicted on during his war crimes trial decades later.

Like our other resistance tours we visit many sites and hear of bravery, treachery, war crimes and love…it really is roller-coaster of emotion. This is truly an unforgettable tour.

As with my other tours I’m afraid I no longer put detailed itineraries on the internet because other companies and guides have been stealing them so please contact me for further details.

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