UK SOE & Secret War Tour

This tour is so secret I’m afraid I cannot divulge the details…only joking. The SOE & Secret War Tour is a minimum of 3 days and is often extended to 5 days such is the interest in the subject matter. This tour visits the Top Secret airfields where 138 and 161 Special Duties Squadrons flew their missions to drop agents and supplies by parachute and RAF Tangmere on the south coast where agents were taken by RAF Lysander’s and Hudson’s to be landed onto clandestine airstrips in fields of occupied Europe. The tour visits cottages where the agents spent their last hours before their flights – and country estates where they trained for their missions. SOE, OSS and Resistance Agents were sent into occupied territories to recruit, organise and train local resistance units for sabotage against the enemy. Some agents were wireless operators, trained to engage in important, crucial and incredibly dangerous work. Some never returned. There are many very interesting places to visit and can include Bletchley Park where the WW2 codebreakers beavered away cracking enemy signals and playing their highly secretive but oh so important part of the war. Depending on individual interests I can also tailor this tour to include radar and signals technology which of course also played a large part in the secret war. This is one of my favourite tours and the tales of sheer cold blooded bravery are nothing short of astounding…and often heartbreaking.

This tour also acts as a very good pre-cursor to my Resistance Tours in France and Belgium.

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