Normandy US Highlights 2 Day Tour

This tour is an amalgamation of the US Highlights 1 Day Tour and the US Utah & Airborne 1 Day Tour that are advertised on this website where you may find more information. The 2 Day tour begins on the first day at Ste-Mère-Église and looks in detail at the US Airborne sector on the western flank of the invasion. The tour visits the many sites where intense action was undertaken by units of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions and also the amphibious landings at UTAH Beach by the US 4th and 90th Infantry Divisions, looking closely at the naval and air co-operation. The following day the tour moves into the OMAHA Beach sector concentrating on the beach landings of the the US 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions and visits the site of the famous US Rangers assault at Pointe-du-Hoc. The tour then pays an emotional visit to the US Normandy Military Cemetery, the German gun battery at Longues and the artificial port constructed at Arromanches.

This excellent tour is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the US involvement on D-Day and the initial days that followed.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Part I – US 82nd Airborne Division
Ste-Mère-Église (505th Parachute Infantry Regiment)
Drop Zones T & N (82nd Airborne Division)
La Fière – The Battle of the Bridge over the Merderet River

Part II – UTAH Beach – The Amphibious Assault
UTAH Beach – TARE Sector WN10 Strongpoint
UTAH Beach – UNCLE Sector WN5 Strongpoint & Memorials

Part III – US 101st Airborne Division
Brécourt Manor (506th Parachute Infantry Regiment)
Drop Zone D (101st Airborne Division)
The Battle for Carentan (The Carentan Causeway)
La Cambe German Military Cemetery

Day 2

Pointe-du-Hoc – The Assault (US Army Rangers) – US V Corps West Flank
OMAHA Beach – DOG GREEN Sector – The Assault (US 29th Infantry Division National Guard & US Army Rangers)
OMAHA Beach – EASY RED Sector – The Assault (US 1st Infantry Division)
OMAHA Beach Memorials
Site of US Military Cemetery No. 1
US Military Normandy Cemetery & Memorial – overlooking OMAHA Beach
The Longues Battery – German Coastal Guns
Arromanches & The Mulberry Harbour


Jim Groschan, June 2010

Gary, Thank you for giving us a great 2 days. Your insights and details were very helpful in broadening our understanding of the battle and the people involved. Your preparation with the maps and pictures gave us such a full perspective. I really appreciated you “going the extra mile for us” the second day. It all worked out even better than I expected.

I have given your name to friends who are traveling to Normandy in September. I hope they contact you and utilize your excellent

Best, Jim Groschan

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