Normandy US Rangers 1 Day Tour

This tour focuses on the élite US Army Rangers actions during the first 4 days of the Normandy campaign. Around 900 US Rangers, split into two battalions, the 2nd and the 5th, landed in the OMAHA Sector on D-Day and within 4 days were reduced to just 40% of their original strength. The Rangers story has been shrouded in myth and legend ever since D-Day and this tour explores both the myths and the truths behind these famous men. Individual and personal stories recounted at the various battle sites illustrate the sheer cold-blooded bravery displayed during these harrowing first 4 days. We stand on top and at the bottom of the cliffs, we walk through the hedgerows and orchards and along trench systems into German fortifications. From the scaling of 100ft high cliffs to the open expanses of OMAHA Beach, street fighting in Vierville and Grandcamp to the eventual battle within the intricate trench system at the German strongpoint known as the Maisy Battery.
This truly fantastic tour is a must for anyone interested in small unit actions, special forces and of course – the US Army Rangers.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

OMAHA Beach – Assault on CHARLIE Sector (US 2nd Rangers)
OMAHA Beach – Assault on DOG GREEN Sector (US 2nd Rangers)
OMAHA Beach – Assault on DOG WHITE Sector (US 5th Rangers)
OMAHA Beach – Advance along the blacktop coastal road and the Battle of Vierville (US 5th Rangers)
Pointe-du-Hoc – The Assault (US 2nd Rangers)
Pointe-du-Hoc – Orchard and stonewall positions (US 2nd & 5th Rangers)
Pointe-du-Hoc – Roadblock positions (US 2nd & 5th Rangers)
Grandcamp-Maisy – The Battle for the town (US 5th Rangers)
The Maisy Battery – The Battle for the Gun Battery (US 2nd & 5th Rangers)
Colleville – Normandy US Military Cemetery – visit the final resting places of the men of the US Army Rangers


Dean Cosgrove & JAke Marley Group, October 2012

Gary, we just arrived in New York and had a great cruise, Southampton was fun and Portsmouth was loaded with great naval sites. We all agree you are the best guide we have ever had on any tour. You made the history of the battle come alive and become a personal story, not just remain dry facts. Jake and I have both had our interest rekindled, and have spent many hours on the cruise discussing events and looking up things in the library. For myself you made this trip a special time for me, I thank you. We will definitely order your book when it is released. I will recommend you to anyone travelling to Normandy. I hope over the years we can remain in touch, I will always remember your passion and skill as a historian. I count you as a friend.
Best Regards Dean W. Cosgrove, PA-C (formerly of the 7th Special Forces Group attached to 2nd Bn 75th Rangers, Fort Stewart, GA

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