“Dear Gary
A brief email to thank you for such an excellent and well structured tour of the Normandy landings and penetration from the beachhead. The depth and detail of the information you gave us was exceptional and all the action was vividly brought to mind.
Have already recommended you to friends!
John Roberts”

“Dear Gary, Thanks ever so much for the wonderful tour. I will fondly remember following my father’s footsteps for the rest of my life.  Your special preparations were above and beyond what I had expected. I will be sending you some additional things when we return home. Best regards, Bruce.”

Father landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day with the US 29th Infantry Division

“Thank you Gary, you were incredibly knowledgeable and patient with my family. You provided an incredible background and understanding to our experience. Thank You again – The Shackelford Family.”

“We had the great good fortune to have engaged Gary to guide us for two full days touring which included Pegasus Bridge, Gold Beach, Arromanches, a British Cemetery and other places of interest. Gary, a veteran of more than six years in the Corps of Royal Engineers, is passionate about the D-Day Landings and what followed and his detailed knowledge is extraordinary. He has with him fantastic photographic scrap books which provide context when he talks and there simply isn’t anything he doesn’t know. As a reviewer, I very seldom write about anything other than hotels and restaurants but if you are interested in a Normandy tour with an expert, engage Gary’s company – we had an amazing experience.”

“Thank you for giving us an enlightening and very personal tour. The experience was great. Your passion for the subject matter is evident! You clearly have a command of the information and your approach definitely personalizes the subject.”

US Sectors and Falaise Gap

“I want to extend my gratitude to you for the excellent 2 days of history you gave Robert Riccitelli and I on 20-21 September. I very much enjoyed the personalized nature of the tour. Your knowledge of the history and sites we visited was most worthwhile. The fact we were able to stand on the actual ground where the history was made was moving for me. You took us to places we could not have found on our own. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the recap of what you covered in such great detail. Your maps, the pictures of the period, your relationships built over the years with war participants, created a vivid compilation of a period in our history that we will never forget. Your passion, coupled with your presentation skills were superb, and I will recommend you to others who plan to visit Normandy in the future.”

“Gary, I want to sincerely thank you for your time with us last week, what an amazing amount of stories you had to share with us. Especially, helping us find Ralph and figure out as much as we could. I hope to see you next year or the year after when I take my 16 year old. All the best, and you are welcome anytime with us in Santa Rosa, California. Keep up the good work, Pat McDonald.”

“Hello Gary, Trust you are looking forward to your summer break! We are back from our trip now. Thanks once again for spending the day with us last Wednesday July 13. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the landings which includes all the key players involved, equipment and the stories. The beaches are today idyllic and calm, seems incredible that the beaches were the scenes of such carnage and loss of life. You painted a very vivid picture for us.  Best Regards, Mark.”

“Dear Gary, Cannot thank you enough – it was a brilliant day, from start to finish was excellent. It always has been on my bucket list to see the Normandy battlefields and it was humbling to see what they did. Sitting in the cafe at Pegasus Bridge and all the history around us was a moment I will not forget as well as many more. Once again many many thanks. Ady.”

“Hi Gary – Well we have been back in the US for about 2 weeks and Mo and I have looked at our pictures a few times as well as sharing your day on the Normandy beaches with a few of our friends. Maureen and I again say Thank You for your time, sharing your stories and pictures of those historic days. You are a true professional and guide, your presentations made those days so vivid in our minds. I look to returning in the near future with two of my very good friends and look forward to meeting again. Thank You – Maureen and Dan.”

“Dear Gary, I hope you are well and kept busy, which I have no doubt will be the case! I wanted to say from an events perspective, we were most grateful for the help you gave us both before and during the tour. We really were spoilt on the trip with the amount of knowledge which was at our disposal, and our guests were absolutely thrilled by it. It certainly makes my job very easy when we have such fantastic expertise available to us, and I very much look forward to working with you on our 2017 event. Thank you for the outstanding quality of the tour that you provided for us. I very much look forward to working with you next September, and enjoying yet another fantastic perk of my job(!), as I am sure Nigel and Matthew would both agree. With very best wishes, Sarah.”

“Gary – I want to thank you so much for our time together. Your depth and breadth of knowledge, compassion and detail was truly amazing. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your tour and we cannot thank you enough. You brought to life the amazing feats accomplished by the landing troops and the complex nature of the battles and the German counterattack. We appreciated your knowledge and sincerity and we all very much enjoyed your detail and clarity on a series of battles that would have been anything but. Thanks so much Gary, this is truly an experience none of us will ever forget. Kris.”

“Hi Gary, On behalf of The Bournes, I wanted to say thank you for a fantastic couple of days in Normandy at the start of April. We were all amazed at the depth of your knowledge of so many aspects of the landings and subsequent evolution of the Allies’ progress. The way you brought events to life really helped give us an insight into what it must have been like to be involved. I was also particularly impressed by the fact that it clearly was much more than a job for you. It would have been easy to take us to the cemeteries as just a part of the tour, but the impression I got was that you really cared about this aspect. It would have been easy to pay ‘lip service’ to respect here, but it was very evident to me that in your case, it was very, very genuine. I found this aspect of the tour very moving and sobering. With my eldest son just coming up for 19, the messages from parents on many of the crosses really made me think and appreciate again the sacrifices made. It was great for my father and Alex to experience the tour together and to watch them get so much from it on many different levels. I hope you have recovered from Alex’s challenges on artillery calibre. The photos of us on the Tiger came out well (thanks for taking them for us), and Alex is now excitedly waiting to see one in action at TankFest next month. Thanks again for so many great family memories. Tim, Sara, Alex and Alan.”

“Sir, Frau Card and I just wanted to thank you for the tour you provided our family, it exceeded every expectation. Frankly I can’t imagine a better way to tour those sites or a better guide to walk us through the events that occurred on those beaches. Personally I’ve reviewed the actions related to the D-Day invasion and never had a more clear explanation that fused the invasion plan with personal stories of those individuals who actually achieved the battle objectives. It was nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience. As a combat veteran I genuinely appreciated your attention to detail as well as honest treatment of the motivations of the defending force. It was very refreshing. Respectfully, Jeff Card.”

“Hello Gary – As a group we want to “thank you” for providing us with an incredible Normandy tour experience. Your depth of knowledge of World War II, as well as your passion for this part of world history made this a truly unique experience for us all. As the day began we could quickly tell this would be more than the usual tour of the region.  Each part of the day helped us to understand the varying aspects of the Normandy invasion, as well as the total world influence this battle held. You not only communicated this to us in words, but the visuals, sand drawings, and your whole body language helped us to gain a new perspective on something we had only experienced through history books and our own reading….for this, and so much more we say “thank you”. Each of us tried to capture our favourite part of the day and it just wasn’t possible to single out any one experience. The World War II Monument was certainly a highlight for us, particularly with the September 11 date; however, each part of the day resonated with us in significant and emotional ways. You are an amazing historian and scholar of this subject. We are looking forward to reading your book. Since Margaret has your “official” autograph we are going to ask for a copy and place it in each book as a remembrance of this special day. You have our highest regard as a tour guide, and highest recommendation for your work. Wishing you continued success in your World War II endeavours. Best regards, Bob & Jane Lewis, Bill & Sally Moninger, Jerry & Margaret Schulz.”

“Dear Gary, Now that I have had a day or so to collect my thoughts I wanted to drop a note to thank you for looking after the Pearson team so well last week. We all found the three days absolutely fascinating, in no small part because of your ability to bring to life the events of 70 years ago and paint an overall picture of the main participants and the ground they fought over. Thanks to you we covered a huge amount of territory and opened our eyes to the enormous undertaking the Normandy campaign proved to be. And we didn’t even touch the American sector! Christopher and I particularly wanted to express our gratitude for the extra mile you went to in researching the actual events of the 2nd August 1944 and for taking us to “The Pearson Ridge”. Well done! Although it is difficult to identify highlights as there were so many, we found the last day and your coverage of the Falaise Gap really quite enthralling. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services and wish you well for the future. If I can get the gang together in a couple of years or so for a return visit to cover Operation Cobra we will ask you to lead us once again. Kind regards – Peter.”

“Hi Gary – Our American guests were very impressed with the tour and your range of intimate knowledge – they found it overwhelming to see the actual extent of the beach area that troops had to negotiate. The visit to the cemetery and your focus on individual stories was very moving. Arromanches and the Mulberry harbour was highlighted again today when we visited Chartwell in Kent and saw Churchill’s model, but seeing the “real” thing was special. As I said on Saturday, Le Manoir du Quesnay exceeded all our expectations, with the Americans quite extensive in their praise of it and our hosts! Many thanks. Charles.”

“Dear Gary, I hope you could be in no doubt, from our reactions and questions, that you gave us a fantastic 2 days – far beyond expectations. As I said to you at the end, you brought the whole thing to life (ironically considering the death and destruction that was going on at the time) –  clear explanations and, importantly, through your support material -the individuals’ stories,  photographs, schematics on the beach etc. We would all like to say thanks very much and, if I get the opportunity to come over again, I certainly will check on your availability. We planted the crosses you gave us in the Bayeux Cemetery – Gillian in the Canadian section of the Missing Memorial, Paul & Denise in separate Unknown graves and I at the main memorial cross. Thanks for that opportunity. We hope you had a good trip home, that the season is a successful one for you and the book launch goes well. Thanks again Gary and all best wishes from the Fieldings and Burrows. Tim.”

“Hello Gary – Let me start off by saying that that we all had a fantastic time and will be talking of this trip for the rest of our lives. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of sombre moments, many eye opening revelations and, yes, a few “disillusions”. The then and now photos really brought home the moments in time and place. I truly appreciated your knowledge of not only the subject matter but of the different people and their first-hand accounts that you have met that related to a place or an action. One of my strongest impressions of the trip, other than the beauty of the Normandy countryside, is how close in proximity everything took place. Incredible. I will be posting positive reviews mentioning you and Pegasus Tours on sites like Tripadvisor, Fodors and other sites that I searched in finding a guide. Thanks again for it all. You did make it a “trip of a lifetime” for us all. Cheers, Ted, New York, USA.”

3 x US Military veterans and 2 x serving US Marines

“Hi Gary. We are back in Ottawa and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your tremendously insightful day we spent with you last week. Your knowledge and expertise on this topic was certainly obvious and of course the personalised account that you put together for us regarding my father’s journey through those early days of Normandy were an emotional highlight of our trip. For us, the culmination with the little lady at le Mesnil-Patry at the end of our day and her spontaneous show of love and appreciation for the 1st Hussars after all these years was a moment that will always remain with us. You have inspired me to dig further into my father’s history and will send along any further information when it becomes available. Thank you again for your efforts. Terry and Chris Page.”

“Hi Gary. First of all, thank you so much for the Tuesday tour of some of the British sector sites and also the opportunity to visit Colin’s uncle’s grave. Being there to see it in person, rather than a photo on the CWG site is so much more significant, and was also very moving for both of us. We have both talked about the time out with you and what you showed and told us – it was  more meaningful than reading about it in a history book – thank you so much. I’m attaching a copy of the letter that was sent to Colin’s grandmother, informing her of Colin’s death. Again many thanks. Regards, Petula and Colin Boddy, Buckinghamshire, UK.”

“Gary — Just a brief note to thank you for the outstanding tour with your excellent overview discussions and photos, maps and the superbly selected sites all of which combined to help portray: 1) the strategic sweep of the operations in and around Caen;  2) the final desperate “every man for himself” panicked escape in the final collapse of the Gap; and 3) the once violent destruction that took place in the now again serene villages and roadways. The final collapse contrasted with and belied the earlier organized and orderly retreat of the German armies as they attempted their escape!  The visions of the Corridor of Death and the horrors and destruction within the Falaise pocket will from now on always be a part of our sense of Normandy — every bit as much as the horror of the beachheads! Again, it was pleasure meeting you — and thank you for your historically comprehensive and yet most comprehensible descriptions during the tour.  More importantly, perhaps, is that we enjoyed the friendly and personable rapport that we all shared with you. You have our best wishes for your continued success. Ed Behrens.”

“Dear Gary, On behalf of myself and my Family my I thank you for a most wonderful day. The visit exceeded all our expectations,we were all most grateful for the way you were able to bring to life the events surrounding the invasion and most obviously the way in which we were able to follow in the footsteps of both my father and the other brave troops involved in the invasion. I can honestly say that it was a very humbling occasion, a great pity my Dad never talked about it !! I will arrange to e-mail you a copy of the 90th Field Regiment second world war booklet during the course of this week. Once again many thanks. Kind Regards, Stephen Evans. London.”

“Gary, I wanted to thank you for what was probably the most meaningful tour I’ve ever had. I’ve recommended you to several folks, and will continue to do so. The detail and knowledge you shared around d-day and my grandfathers regiment was outstanding, and you really brought all of us along their journey. I’ll ensure I send some pictures of Allan Smith as soon as I’m able. Thanks again, Kris Hatlelid, Canada.”

“We arranged a 2 day tour of Normandy to follow in the footsteps of my Great Uncle who fought with the 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment. On day one Gary collected us from our Hotel and drove us to the exact location of my Great Uncles D Day landing. During the next 2 days we followed in the footsteps of the 2nd Lincolns through their Normandy battles and relived every moment. Gary’s knowledge of Normandy must be second to none. From the landing beach’s  through to the Sunken lanes and bullet scared buildings  his vivid descriptions of the battles, his maps and illustrations made the terrible experiences of the brave men who fought 70 years ago come to life. For me this was a very emotional experience and one I will treasure for life. Thanks again Gary – Andy and Joanne Bowkett, Tauranga, New Zealand.”

“Hi Gary – Just thought I’d write you an email to say thank you so much for the 2 day tour you gave me, Dave and my parents. We all thoroughly ‘enjoyed’ it. You brought to life the people and the places and it is something which will stay with us for a long time. My son (16) was very keen to hear our stories on our return and friends have shown an interest in doing a similar tour (I’ll pass on your details!). I hope your ceremony goes well this week and hope the weather holds for you. We’ll be watching all the coverage on Friday with an added interest. Thanks again – Louise, Surrey, UK.”

“Dear Gary, Thank you again for the wonderful tour of the U.S. sites at Normandy. We all had a great time learning about the strategy, bad luck and eventual good fortune that ruled that day. The day flew by for us, but by the time we got on the train to Paris we realized how tired we were. Best of luck with your plans for the British D-day anniversary event.  If you are ever passing through Charlotte NC, please call us.  We would be honored to host you for dinner and a tour of our city. Sincerely, James, NC, USA.”

“Hi Gary, Just a note of thanks for the absolutely brilliant day we spent with you in Normandy. That excursion was planned as a side trip to our Paris vacation, and it ended up being the highlight of our time in France, thanks to you, your patience and generosity and your incredible ability to impart the full meaning of what took place on those beaches. We’re back in California now and still talking about it. We can’t thank you enough. Good luck with the anniversary and the completion of your book. All best, Steve, Maureen, Bud & Donna, CA, USA.”

“Hi Gary – Thanks for a fabulous day, we all really enjoyed the tour and your passion for your subject. You are very knowledgable and while we have all studied history and read history books for pleasure, being on the beach with your diagrams and explanations was brilliant and not something any book could achieve. I would recommend you to anyone coming to Normandy. Kind regards – Kate, WA, Australia.”

“As I review the itinerary you sent us, all the rich memories of our being there with you come flowing back. You gave us a very special, once-in-a-lifetime experience as you took us through the complex events of that time with your pictures, descriptions and explanations. Gary, you have an amazing gift for teaching and explaining events that I have never observed before. Your pace was smooth, unhurried but clear and of incredible depth and breadth. You described the sequence of events, people, their personalities and actions, and you showed us the buildings, terrain, and the dozens of artifacts and pictures that tied it all together. You did this in ways that, quite simply, made that part of 1944 become real and personal for us. It was, truly, an amazing and unforgettable experience! We have recommended you highly and will continue to do so. Please feel free to use these comments on your web site. And, if someone should question the source or validity of the comments, please give them my email address so they can contact me directly. Thank you again, so very much, for two of the most incredible days of our lives. Most sincerely, Mike & Yvonne Jones, Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA.”

“Dear Gary, It has been great to meet you and to get to know you! The tour was outstanding; you are an excellent teacher and explainer. You made D Day come alive for us. We will certainly recommend your tour to our friends. We also look forward to reading your book in April. All the best! Fred Barlow – Georgia, USA.”

“Hello Gary! Thanks again for the terrific tour on Monday. We all really enjoyed the day, and the personal stories you were able to add made it more real and enjoyable. Cheers, Emily – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada.”

“Gary, Thank you for a terrific, informative day touring Omaha Beach, the Longues Battery, Gold and Juno Beaches and many other sites in the area.  You have a remarkable grasp of D-Day and its aftermath that kept our entire family rapt with interest.  Your advice on how to follow up on our own the next day was also right on the money. Thanks again for making our visit so valuable. Regards, Jim Stanton and family – Mercer Island, Washington, USA.”

“Hi Gary, Thanks again for two excellent days guiding us to the US Sector Day I and the British Sector Day II. Ann and Kevin Daley as well as Audrey and I will always remember those two days thanks to you. Best regards, Steve – New York, USA.”

“Hi Gary – Many thanks for the information (we did cover a lot of ground!) and the amazing tour. You helped make this a great trip and one that we’ll always look back on with fond memories. Thanks once again and best of luck with the book! Cheers, Dom – Surrey, England.”

“Gary – Thank you again so much for the wonderful tour you gave of us and for sending along the itinerary that we followed.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and thank you for all of the time you spent with us.  It was a very informative and emotional day! All the best, Caryl and Grant – Calgary, Alberta, Canada.”

“Hi Gary – Sorry to take so long to send this thank you, but things were a little hectic after we arrived home.  I toured with you on June 13 and 14 with Jean and Gerry Evans (my sister and brother-in-law) and our cousin from Winnipeg.  I just wanted to let you know that our time with you was definitely the highlight of our month in Europe.  Taking Gerry to see the place where his dad was wounded was an exceptional thing for him and seeing the places that I had only read about had a profound affect on me.  I will never see a bridge, church, or crossroad in quite the same way again!  I am still haunted by Authie town square.  I wanted to let you know that I have recommended you to a friend and her husband who are both very interested in Second World War history.  I am sure that you will be hearing from them at some time. Again thanks for all the time you spent with us. Georgina Macleod – British Columbia, Canada.”

“Dear Gary: Thanks for the summary, how amazingly thoughtful. I had only an approximate idea of what to expect. Your tour exceeded anything that I could have imagined. Well paced, fantastic information. You have an amazing mastery of the military units and their commanders. Two great days. Congratulations and thanks from both of us. Bernard Rowe – Vancouver, Canada.”

“Gary I want to thank you for making my Normandy tour so special and I appreciate your efforts that went above and beyond the call of duty. Cheers. Mike Rollins – Sacramento, USA.”

“Gary – We are so grateful for having chosen you as our guide to Normandy. Because of your knowledge, your talent and personality – the experience was  informative, emotional and unforgettable. You made us feel as if we were actually there on D-Day 1944. We will certainly sing your praises to our friends, and will recommend you to anyone planning a journey to Normandy. All the best! Beverly and Dan – New York, USA.”

“Dear Gary, I want to thank you again for such a great day touring the Normandy beaches.  Your knowledge of the people, events and challenges faced by both sides made for a very interesting and moving experience.  The email I’ve inserted below was from Justin, our oldest son.  He relates our Normandy tour in the context of our broader visit to France in a very personal way. I was surprised to find that I valued our time in Normandy even more than Paris. Our day driving around with Gary was the highlight of the entire trip for me.  The mix of epic history on the beaches (well-painted by his explanations and resources), fantastic anecdotes (19-year-old medic telling the Nazi commander that he wasn’t allowed in the church with his weapons) and beautiful, ancient Norman countryside was incredible. As I mentioned at the end of our visit, your tour exceeded our expectations and I am happy to recommend you to our friends…in fact I’ve already sent your contact info to three of my colleagues.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to have your potential clients contact me. Gary, I hope you have success completing the books you are writing.  If we ever return to Normandy we will certainly contact you. Thanks again, Marshall G. Rowe – New Hampshire , USA.”

“Hi Gary, It was great to meet you, the tour was absolutely perfect and we all had an amazing and informative time so thanks so much for showing us so many interesting things. I’ve written a short testimonial for your website if its of use to you : My Brothers, father and Uncle did a three day tour with Gary from Pegasus Tours and would highly recommend it to anyone planning to visit the Normandy invasion sites. Every aspect of the tour was meticulously researched and really brought both the epic scale, and the personal stories of the conflict alive, in a way that no documentary, book or film ever could. We are already planning to come back! Once again a huge thank you, and look forward to seeing you again. Take care, Nick James , UK.”

“Hello Gary, well our motley crew arrived back stateside and are getting caught up with regular life again. I’m also happy to say that our trip went really well. Whew!  The highlight of our trip, and I speak for all, even the ladies, was the two days we spent with you. Thank you very much.  I’m forwarding a couple of pictures I took for the website. I believe that Gail and Rich may also have some pictures that they will be forwarding (if they haven’t already). Best regards, Heidi Robbins, CA, USA.”

“Gary, we just arrived in New York, and had a great cruise, Southampton was fun and Portsmouth was loaded with great naval sites. We all agree you are the best guide we have ever had on any tour. You made the history of the battle come alive and become a personal story not just remain dry facts.  Jake and I both have had our interest rekindled, and have spent many hours on the cruise discussing events and looking up things in the library.  For myself you made this trip a special time for me, I thank you.  We will definitely order your book when its released.  I will recommend you to any one traveling to Normandy.  I hope over the years we can remain in touch, I will always remember your passion and skill as a historian.  I count you as a friend. Best regards, Dean W Crosgrove, PA-C (formerly of the 7th Special Forces Group attached to 2nd Bn 75th Rangers, Fort Stewart, GA) Seattle, WA, USA.”

” Gary, We are home. Thank you for a marvellous tour of Normandy. You did a superb job. First rate. Certainly lowering the colors at the U.S. cemetery will be a lasting memory for Dean and me. Thank you for that extra. We look forward to your book and know that we will promote you as the guide for Normandy to our friends and drop top recommendations on the internet. Should you visit Seattle, you’ve got a pint or two on me. Best wishes and again our heartiest thank you for a wonderful time. Jake Marley (formerly of the 7th Special Forces Group attached to 2nd Bn 75th Rangers, Fort Stewart, GA) – Seattle, WA, USA.”

“Gary – What you showed us will provide background and endless reading opportunities for the future.  We were fascinated, educated and enlightened by what you showed us. We enjoyed our day with you.  As well as being a wonderful guide, you were great company for the day and we enjoyed our time with you. We will watch for your book releases on the net, and will keep you in mind for references to our friends who will be traveling in France in the future. Thank you and all the best, Joanna, Jim and David – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.”

“Hi Gary – We appreciated our tour outline and what a perfect day, your presentation skills and informative manner made it a perfect day for us. Also, thank you for what we experienced at The Canadian and British Sectors. You were amazing to drive so far to get us. You get full grades from us Gary! Janice and Hugh – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

“Dear Gary, We are now home again in Pittsburgh, and have had a minute to reflect on our time in France, and the great tour you provided to us on the Falaise Pocket area. Your experience, and presentation skill in explaining to us the events of 1944, were really the best investment we made in France. Thank you so much for your time and effort in making this visit to Normandy such a memorable event. Best Regards, Tony & Louise Foster – McMurray, PA , USA.”

“Gary, This is just a quick email to say thank you for a wonderful tour today! Lynn and I so enjoyed it and appreciate the detail you go into to explain.  It is easy to see the subject is one you truly enjoy sharing with others. We look forward to your book coming out in 2014, please be sure to let us know when it is available.  We will email you the information about Lynn’s father when we get back to Minnesota. Thanks again, Len & Lynn Schmittdiel, USA.”

“Dear Gary – We all enjoyed our 3 days with you. Also, we all felt a bit strange setting out the next day on our own. It’s a testament to you bringing the subject to life that my mother spent 9-11 hours a day for three days on a subject she’s not especially passionate about! I was sure she would beg off on one of the days. I’m so pleased you were available as I think any other way of doing it wouldn’t have had enough depth for my guys. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is headed to Normandy. Thank you for the fantastic summary of our 3 days it makes me tired just looking at it! It will be very helpful for organising my photos. Thanks again for a visit of a lifetime, Warmest regards,Virginia Myles – Quebec, Canada.”

“Gary – Thanks so much for sharing your passion with us. We had a wonderful time and you meet our very diverse needs. From the youngest to the oldest in our group, you made our tour enjoyable, memorable and informative. The maps, pictures and “sand table” added nicely to the context you were providing.  We appreciate your role and service you provide in preserving this important part of our history. Lest we forget. Please note that already I have referred my boss to you for a potential date in September. Safely back in the States, we wish you well and thanks again. Steve Williamson – Louisville, KY, USA.”

“Thanks Gary, had a great tour with you. Your knowledge is priceless and I hope you, and others like you, continue to educate the uneducated. You put us right into the action literally and in the steps of our people for the freedom of Canada and the world. I thank you so much. Your itinerary is perfect thanks. I have lots of map marking to do! Regards, Adam – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

“Hi Gary- We had a great time and you did a great job getting us around to see so much, bringing so much expertise to our tour and humanizing the events during those days in 1944. Best regards, Kevin – New York, NY, USA.”

“Dear Gary, We wanted to thank you again for a wonderful tour. It was very interesting and informative, and gave us all a greater knowledge and insight, not just of D-Day but about what it was like to be so close to the fighting (something that can’t really be appreciated until seen). Thanks very much and I hope you have a good summer. Judy, USA.”

“Gary – Just a quick and very belated note of thanks.  We hugely enjoyed the trip, and it was all down to you.  You brought the sites and sights alive in the present moment – I think Chateau St Come was my favourite – in a manner that was entertaining as well as educational. Thank you very much on behalf of the Weaver crew.  We look forward to seeing you again. Best Regards, David – London, UK.”

“Greetings Gary! I wanted to write to you with a brief greeting and thank you for the recent tour you directed with my parents in September. My parents, Karla & Mike Hansen, were visiting Europe for a time of 5 weeks.  They spent extensive time in Germany, and only a portion of it in France.  My father has a particular interest in WWII history, which is why we initially were drawn to your tour program.  After having the opportunity to speak with my parents upon their return to the US, you will be pleased (but probably not surprised) to learn that your tour (and their short time in Normandy/Bayeux) was the highlight of their lengthy journey. Both of them had voiced their appreciation of such an intimate and attentive tour with you, and they were especially impressed with your extensive knowledge and contacts. They returned home with such a greater appreciation for the events, history, and culture involved with the region and WWII time period. My parent’s recent European trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them, and I could not be happier with the joy and impression your tour left with them. I am sincerely grateful of your time and attention in helping my family live such an unforgettable experience. Hopefully Pegasus Tours will continue to bring similar experiences to future travelers for many more years to come.  Thank you, once again, and I sincerely wish you the best. Warm regards from California, Wes – California, USA.”

“Dear Gary – Only just surfacing after our very busy Tuesday/Weds./Thurs. visiting Normandy. We want to thank you so very much for the wonderful tour you gave us which quite exceeded expectations. In fact when Liam’s mum asked him, “Was it as good as you hoped?” he responded , “Much better!”…..and I think he spoke for all of us. Your graphic talk on Omaha beach was so memorable, standing like that drawing in the sand on the very spot where so much of the action took place could not be replicated and the “picture books” you had for each place we stopped were so accurate and vivid they transported us right back to 1944 in our imaginations. It was great for Ken and me to visit some places we had been to before but also to have the chance to expand our experience by visiting places we had not got to before. You were so generous with your time that I hope you weren’t too shattered for your evening meal and for welcoming your new visitors. I think Liam will have experiences to think about for a long time to come and maybe when he’s older will want to return under his own steam. He (and we ) were lucky to be in the hands of someone like you with such deep and wide knowledge of the area and the subject – and such enthusiasm for it too! We were so fortunate to have flat calm crossings both ways on the ferries. We slept like logs and dogs on the way back to Portsmouth and when we delivered Liam back home to Cowplain he rushed upstairs to change into his school uniform. He couldn’t wait to get to school to tell them of his adventures and show them all his books, postcards and pictures. Friday was his last day in Primary School – he goes to secondary school in Horndean in September – so I feel sure he will never forget his memorable last week in Primary School punctuated by his visit to Normandy. Thank you, Gary, for making it such a fascinating time for us all. We would love to know when your book is published so that perhaps we might be able to buy a copy. Very best wishes, Sylvia Roberts.”

“Hi Gary, It’s Nigel Fortune here who you gave a tour of Normandy to last week. Just a note to say thank you very much for giving such a great tour, me and the family all thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative. Best wishes, Nigel. Gloucestershire, UK.”

“Hi Gary, We just wanted to thank you once again for an amazing day – it was the highlight of our trip to France – I am just overwhelmed by all that we saw and did that day. What an awe inspiring experience to be where so many fought and lost their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today – I will never forget it – the pictures can’t convey the feeling to be there – I am encouraging all I know to make that trip. It was very emotional for my Uncle when we shared the photos and our experiences – he had some of the same shots with him and my Aunt in them.   I am now trying to research where he was – he wasn’t at the Battery – we now know he was in the 1st Battalion possibly D company –  with a Major Drummond – does this make any sense to you? I would also like to get some of the photos you showed us that were taken on D-Day – can you let me know how I can obtain them? Once again we can never thank you enough for taking us around – it would never have been the same without you there. Your knowledge and passion brought that whole day to life for us – and brought understanding of a day that changed history.- Thank you so much Gary, Louie and Keith Gordon (Father served with Royal Ulster Rifles (Airborne) Normandy 1944) – Ontario, Canada.”

“Hi Gary, Thanks again for your terrific tour on June 17th. We really enjoyed it. Please do let us know when your book is out, and also if you would like me to leave a review somewhere for you!  We will be sure to let our friends know to come and see you! If you are ever in Edmonton, give us a shout.  You are always welcome here. Best, Angela and Clint – Alberta, Canada.”

“Gary, Just a short note to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your tour of Normandy. Your knowledge of the area and the events of the invasion were vast and your tour exceeded our expectations. We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Hugh & Suzy Jones – North Carolina, USA.”

“Dear Gary, Thanks again for the great tour of the WWII battlefields, towns and the U.S. cemetery yesterday.  The four of us had a wonderful day, we learned a lot, and we had a lot of fun. I hope we have the occasion to recommend you to other people in the future. Have a great season! Mindy Cohen – Fairfax, Virginia, USA.”

“Dear Gary – We wish to thank you for the intense, informative tour we took with you through the cemeteries and beaches of Normandy.  It was all a very moving experience, and we greatly appreciate having one so knowledgeable to show us around. I hope all is well with you and with the family that hosted us in France. Letizia and Ric – Quebec, Canada.”

“Gary – We arrived home (AZ) last night…I just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful tour of the Normandy region you took us on!  I’m just sorry that my son couldn’t have been there (he’s a real history buff, especially with WWII). I would highly recommend Pegasus Tours to anyone interested in taking a tour. Thanks again! Karen & Mickey Ratti – Arizona, U.S.A.”

“What a wonderful time we had with you in Normandy!!!  Thank you for teaching us so much! We got home last night and are still talking about our wonderful trip!!  One day, if you ever come to our part of the world, you will call us and we can in some way reciprocate!!! Take care of yourself and have a wonderful time with your family in Egypt!!!  We’ll be thinking about all of you! Fondly, Sandy and Robbin and Gayle and Sonny – N.C, USA.”

“Gary, Thank you for giving us a great 2 days.  Your insights and details were very helpful in broadening our understanding of the battle and the people involved. Your preparation with the maps and pictures gave us such a full perspective. I really appreciated you “going the extra mile for us” the second day. It all worked out even better than I expected. I have given your name to friends who are traveling to Normandy in September.  I hope they contact you and utilize your excellent service. Best, Jim Groschan.”

“Hi Gary – just wanted to put down in writing what an excellent day we had with you on Sunday. My father and his friends didn’t stop talking about it all the way home. You are an excellent, knowledgeable and friendly guide and I wish to say thanks for making our trip to Normandy really special. John.”

“Hi Gary – Just a short note of thanks for your tour last Friday – you brought the operation alive and helped us to understand the objectives, achievements and just as importantly the failures of the invasion. Very enjoyable. Best wishes, Guy Jackson.”

“Hi Gary, I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to making my Grandfather’s experience of his trip to Normandy. He thoroughly enjoyed his time with you. He was able to see so many things in such a short space of time but never felt rushed. I think the highlight of his weekend was the trip to Arromanches where he received his medal and got to sign the Hero’s Book. The experience did not just end when you dropped them off at the hotel either. The fact finding you have done since his return trying to piece all the parts of his landing together has been very much appreciated and I am sure brought back a lot of memories for him. I will certainly be recommending your services should the opportunity arise. Thanks again for all your help. Regards, Colin McDermott – Glasgow, Scotland.”

“Dear Gary – Even though many months have gone by, I wanted to make sure that I thank you for the really extraordinary tour that you gave us in August last year. My two teen-aged daughters were not thrilled with my plan for the day:  the idea of touring the Normandy Beaches, rather than doing what they normally do at the beach – mindlessly soaking up the sun – did not excite them. But from the beginning of the tour to the end, you held their attention, brought these historic locations to life, and even inspired their curiosity and interest to where they have subsequently written school papers and given presentations on what they had learned that day in Normandy. A day was not sufficient, obviously, but you set a perfect tempo for us, interspersed anecdotes with historical and statistical information, and enabled us to see the staggering heroism amid chaos, the courage, the ingenuity, the destruction.  Your knowledge was encyclopedic, and the photo albums which you brought along helped us envision how it had been at that time.  Beginning at the German Cemetery was a great way to remind us that it was the youth of these countries – all the countries – who paid the terrible price. Visiting Omaha and Utah beaches, Ste. Mère Eglise, Pointe du Hoc and a number of other less-well-know sites gave us a sense of the enormity of the challenges faced and overcome by the Allies, and of the terrible hardships and risks taken by the local residents. Ending at the American Cemetery as the American flag was being lowered, with Taps being played, was a fitting end to a step back into that remarkable period of history. Touring on our own was of course possible, but I am sure that our tour with you was the very best way for us to have eked all we could from our limited time in Normandy. It is impossible to see how the day could have been any better. Thank you for a wonderful tour. Best – Karen Siegemund.”

“Hi Gary, I took one of your tours this summer and I still consider it one of the best tours I have ever taken. I have passed your card along to my travel agent as well as a few friends who are interested in Normandy. Thanks again, Kathleen O’Hara.”

“Hi Gary, A sincere thanks from all 6 of us for a great Normandy tour last Sunday (8/23).  None of our questions went unanswered and your geographical knowledge of the area made it possible for us to pack in all of the sights we wanted to see and then some more.  The visit to Ste. Marie du Mont was a particular highlight.  Normandy is an extraordinary part of history and we were very glad to have you as our guide to share your extensive knowledge with us.  You definitely made that day the highlight of our cruise. Thanks again from all of us. Best, Terry Gibbons.”

“Hi Gary: I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day at Normandy. My sister and I really enjoyed the day and were really glad it worked out the way it did. Your knowledge was amazing and thank you for your time. We would definitely recommend the tour. Thank ya’ll – Jackie Tejeda. San Antonio, TX.”

“Gary, thank you for such a wonderful tour of Normandy. Your expert knowledge made the events of June 6th 1944 (and thereafter) come alive for all four of us. We could not have selected a better person to help us understand what really happened on D Day. We will definitely tell our friends about your service if they ever get to Normandy. Also, a special thanks to your son for doing all the driving. Regards, John Correia. TX.”

“Good Day! Many thanks from Simon and me for a great tour. Please also thank Steve for a great job driving…and endless patience. We enjoyed our time in Normandy. Your enthusiasm and knowledge made the trip complete. Best Regards, Rafi Rubin & Simon Ross. Seattle, WA.”

“Gary, made it back in one piece late Wednesday. My trip was as memorable as it was eventful, and your outstanding efforts added significantly to it. Your observations and insights have already been a topic of lively discussion among my colleagues at the Army Public Affairs Center. Thanks again for all & best of wishes! Mike.”